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Two New Woman Stories from Susan Peerless; It all begins with a little shop adorned by a sign that reads - SEXUAL ACCOUNTS BALANCED. In Three Shades of Pink, Sylvia loves to entertain the rich and famous, but a visit to her shop by her son Julian leads to a debutante party for the newly minted Julia! In Trixie, Tim would do anything to help his buddy Steve and agrees to do anything he can to get Steve to become more masculine. Now why do you suppose that Tim is becoming a girl?

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    "Trust me. I've experience in this. Now I'm going to pass about 5% of Juliana's male elan to you. You will feel very little. A few minor changes may take place within a few minutes. Others will take all night. We'll have a session every day at three. Very well, let's get started."

    She placed a hand on each of our heads. I flinched but really felt nothing. Hank looked puzzled. Madam Kehzia removed her hands.

    "Was that it?" I asked.

    "Uh-huh," she said. "Hank, feel anything?"

    "Sort of a fullness in the chest."

    "Right. You now have a 55% level of male elan. Getting up there!"

    He stood, flexed his shoulder muscles. Frankly he looked more confident and seemed to stand taller.

    "I don't feel any different," I squeaked. I tried to clear my throat.

    "And your voice is starting to change. Sounds like you're going to have a delightfully girlish soprano."