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Two Spectrum TV Stories from Annie Warren: Of Such Things Are Dreams Made Of... Our young hero has had a secret life for as long as he can remember. Through an accident he comes to a situation where he finds understanding and more! In My Partner's Choice the protagonist thinks of crossdressing as a harmless pastime. His wife knows but doesn't share in it. When on a business trip with his partner he is caught and his life changes completely!

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    There was a cool breeze blowing when we came out. It worried the hem of my dress as it played with my slip and skirt. Mom let go of me only when we got to the car. I wanted to run back into the house, but thought better of it since anyone watching would really get suspicious then, and there was no telling what Mom would do to me. Besides, I didn't know if she had put a house key in my purse. I could just imagine myself rifling the purse only to find no key, then being forced to go in the care anyway.