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Our hero, Frank, leaves the Navy to join the business world in order to be close to a woman he cares about, Linda, and her mother. Despite the fact that Linda seems to be dating her boss, Linda claims that she is afraid of a real relationship with a man. Her dear mother offers a solution and soon his fate is to live in a woman's world as a love slave to the boss...

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    Looking at me critically, she said, "that's better. When your hair grows out we'll be able to do wonders with it."

    She took my hand and led me to the mirror.

    I was in shock... there stood a rather tall six year old girl. The hair bows did disguise my short hair. I hated what I saw, but was fascinated.

    "Now dear," she said to me taking my hand. "we'll go downstairs and wait for Linda."

    'Oh no,' I thought 'I can't be seen this way!'

    I pulled free of her hand.

    Marion looked at me with a frown.

    "LIttle girls are obedient and do as they are told." She then slapped my face, not too hard, but hard enough, taking me by complete surprise. "You had better learn to obey, and do as you are told when you are told."

    I held back again and said, "I don't want Linda to see me like this. Please let me dress in my other clothes?"

    She slapped me again, this time much harder and my face stung and got red where she hit me. Tears filled my eyes from the pain. She got a tissue and wiped my eyes, and said gently, "I don't want to punish you. But, you must realize you are a little girl and must do what we grownups tell you to do."