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Two Stories of appropriate Penance: In Penance in Pumps, a young man learns the hard way what it means to be a lady of fashion, and a bride. The Shoplifter had no idea what his penance might be for stealing a few lingerie items, until his new mistress found a perfect punishment that fit the crime...

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    From Penance in Pumps:

    It had been a hard day, and it wasn't over. After I crawled back from the bathroom, I hoisted myself up on the big fluffy bed, pulled a lace edged pillow underneath my head and felt like escaping my predicament for a while. I did. I dozed off almost immediately. It was the only relief I could think of.

    As I dozed off my mind was still spinning with the questions of how I could live for the next ten weeks with my heels five inches above the floor. The last dreadful thought I remember was that I would have to, somehow, prevent anyone from seeing me this way. I had seen myself in the big mirror and the sight of a boy in slacks, tie and tweed jacket with those insane fuchsia satin shoes on his feet was just ridiculous. What would I tell anyone? Everyone would take me for a madman or a pervert.

    Suzy woke me up gently by speaking my name. I rolled over, drowsy, and stared at her.

    "Will yo be going down for dinner, Sir?" My stomach provided a positive answer before I even realized where I was and I nodded vigorously. "Will you wish to use the shower, Mr. Paul.?"

    Again I nodded and then was suddenly aware that Suzy was fumbling with the buckle on my ankle. "Madame jas asked me to remove your shoes for bathing. She wants me to remind you that you mustn't remove them yourself."