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New World library cover

Trying to make it as a photo journalist is not always the easiest way to make a living. You need something to set you apart from the crowd. Then that advert caught his eye.

"Leading Professional Beauty Magazine desires complete set of photos, start to finish, of a patron receiving a machine permanent wave. Photos needed illustrate article on the history of permanent waves. Fee $2000 will advance half on receipt of signed contract..."

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  • Forced Transformation
  • Female Domination
  • Adult Sexual Situations
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    Naturally he picked up the contract and started his search for a beauty salon that still used the old machines - not at all common nowadays.

    Eventually he found the woman he was looking for. Unfortunately for him she was also looking for someone just like him and soon he found himself as the subject of this permanent wave machine and of a bizarre medical experiment to see how far a man could be made feminine.

    He soon found himself corseted, feminized, heavily made-up and with a permanent for his permanent new life!