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It all starts when Ron is elected to move to the Bay Area to take care of his 17 year old niece after her mom has passed away. Expecting to become a kind of a father figure to the girl, it soon is apparent that this is not going to happen. Instead he becomes her sissy.

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    Because I saw the feminine nightgown she had in her hands, and knew who it was for, unresisting, I lifted my arms and let her slide it down my body.

    "That is SO pretty on you! Isn't it?" she asked, turning me to see my reflection.\

    And I saw a sissified image of what I'd been made into looking back at me.


    "That's a girl. You can sleep with me tonight."

    I almost protested that I was her uncle, then thought better of it. "I wouldn't have let you if you were a man. But you're not, are you? Just a sissy in a pretty nightgown. Like some perfume sissy?" With my assent, she sprayed just a little around me, then tucked me in bed. Gave me a kiss.