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Poor Pat Kirk! He's taken a job as an Executive Assistant and has become the focal point of an office power play. Of course the job is really a secretarial position, much to his chagrin. Another secretary advises him that the most immediate way to avoid being fired is to disguise himself as a woman, using the clothes in his boss's private dressing room. It seems like a crazy but reasonable solution to a particular situation, yet it leads him into drama like he never expected.

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    I'd known for a long time that Roz was a consummate gossip, but I hadn't realized how glib she was, how she could turn almost any situation to her advantage. She's gotten me to do this silly thing to save her job for her. Gods in heaven, I had bought into that, hook, line and sinker.

    And I shouldn't have been dressed like I was; my makeup expertly done as if I was a woman going out that night after work. Other women got into the elevator. Several older ladies looked frazzled while younger ones, primped and spruced up just like I was, smiled and chattered, anticipating wonderful nights for themselves. I couldn't believe it when I looked at my reflection in the dark, smoked glass of the elevator.