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Jimmy’s degradation continues in this lusty conclusion to his story. He was a leg man, but now his are just as sexy.

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    The office staff, which was predominantly women, got used to his fem dress, the affectations, treated him as another woman. That's what he thought anyway. He remembered when he was first hired in at Ryker Financial Services, how few males worked there. He'd felt out of place. Now, he was glad the workforce was comprised of nearly all women.

    What if more men did work here? What if one of them came onto him? How would he handle that? Indeed, what would Rita Ryker think about him getting attention from some guy? Her kinky libido would probably try to arrange some sort of sick tryst.

    That was just her style.

    But now that he'd "come out" Rita was more friendly, treated him rather fairly.

    The hell of it was, his work ethic had improved. Mistakes where few. It make him think back to when it all first started, her suggesting he wear panties might improve his job performance, keep his mind off all the lovely ladies.

    Of course, his boss had taken him much further. Much further indeed.