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Jimmy thought it was going to be just another fun time playing with his step-sister's clothing. He always checks to see that he has enough time to indulge himself. Ah, but this time she comes home early and catches him wearing her panties and heels and playing with, well you know... His life soon spirals out of control as she takes complete control.
A new author to Mags Inc, but a great writer. Try this book and you will find you yourself wanting more from her.

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    "All right Jimmy dear. I see that you still think you can be in charge. Let's put an end to that idea right now," said Christine.

    Jimmy felt a chill race down his spine as she said this.

    Christine pointed to the floor. "Get down on your hands and knees and kiss my toes. Then, after you do that, I want you to look me in the eyes and tell me that girls are superior to boys."

    Just hearing this made Jimmy feel queasy. The idea of submission wasn't something that had ever made him comfortable - even his rare fantasies about it made him feel awkward - and he certainly didn't want to say that girls are superior to boys. That wasn't something a young man with a young ego, like himself, could believe. So he shook his head.

    Christine pointed to the floor again. "On your knees, boy."