Mags Inc
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Mags Inc Novelette Cover

A wimpy partner in a mostly women run business, runs afoul of some of them and ends up as the office boy and then, perhaps, the office girl?

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    I started to pant in fear. "Please ladies? Don't make me to this. Please?"

    Sandra patted my arm comfortingly. "Oh - for goodness sake little sissy Denny. We've no intention of making you change into your pretty new sissy outfit right at this minute - not if you don't want to! That is way beyond our supervisory capacity or authority! We'll just wait until everybody else comes in and we'll take a vote! I'm pretty sure that things will go our way. Then we'll make you! So it's up to you. Why don't you just take all of your clothes off right now - save us a lot of trouble? Here, let us help you."

    And whimpering in fear and humiliation - I stood and allowed two women to undress me, finally standing completely nude in from of them I had clasped my hands in front of my genitals but Martha made me left them so she could check my underarms. "First things first! I hate hariy sissies!" she said. "You don't have much in the aspect of hair at all - but tomorrow when you come to work? I don't want to see any body hair at all! Want you nice and smooth all over!" She gave me a sharp spank on my bare backside. I laughed as I let out an indignant squeal.