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This begins when two young people meet each other at a handball court in New York City. Love blossoms between them, but the girl is hiding a big secret. the boy, unfazed, declares his love, nevertheless. Thus begins a trip into the sexy world of crossdressers and transgenders in the seamy side of the Big Apple

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    Kerry looked so real, so beautiful. Her full calves tapered to perfect ankles. The dark uniform stockings and clunky heels couldn't conceal the perfection of her legs.Her hair was in a French braid. "I did it myself," she proudly whispered to Rosie who rested her hand on Kerry's yummy tush each time our new maid paused near her.

    Dinner. Kerry wore a black uniform with a white apron. Rosie went into the kitchen to see Kerry hike her skirt and adjust the garter smap on her black stocking. Unlike the coarse cotton stockings she had worn at tea, Kerry now wore shiny black opaque, opera length, seamed nylons.

    Rosie was transfixed. When Rosie finally tore herself away from Ketty she announced to Tenley and me, "Excuse me, but I've go to go up and change out of these soaking wet panties. It's all Kerry's fault..."