Mags Inc
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Mags Inc Novelette Cover

A young man, Terry Manson, inadvertently runs afoul of gypsies looking for revenge for the supposed rape of one of their young women. Guilty or not, he becomes cursed and starts changing into a woman. Yet it is only the beginning of his new life, new training and whole new world.

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    My last memory was of sitting on that gurney and getting a shot. I began to wonder if the company in New Orleans, Mistress Marlene and that odd old woman had all conspired to do this to me.

    What was I going to do now? I wondered as I waited patiently for the doctor to come in and talk to me. How was I going to explain this to my parents? What was the "employment" Mistress Marlene had talked about? A thousand and one things were going through my mind when the door to the room opened...