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This is the next installment on the life< of Danielle Drysdale, private investigator extraordinaire and supremely randy transwoman. Follow along as she successfully catches bad guys and sleeps with everyone in her path.

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    We got back to his truck, I stopped and he got out. “Thank you again for helping me, I really appreciate it.”

    I thought, that’s it? Oh well, I’ll never see him again and he’s a hunk.

    “Lance”, he stopped. “There’s no one around and it’ll be a while before the tow truck gets here. Today’s your lucky day. Take your jeans off and walk back over here. You’re about to get maybe the best blowjob of your life.”

    He looked at me, eyes as big as saucers, took his jeans off and walked back over to my jeep. As he did, I pulled my white top off leaving my boobs fully bare for him. Now standing by my jeep, he stood, already pretty aroused. I got out, put my white top on the seat to keep it clean, put a blanket I keep in the back on the ground, and dropped to my knees.

    I took his shaft in one hand and jerked it while I licked his shaft with my tongue and used my other hand to massage his balls. He moaned, bent over slightly, and played with my boobs and nipples. I worked his cock with my mouth and took as much as I could into it. As my head bobbed on his cock, my blonde hair and earrings thrusted back and forth.

    After probably five minutes, I felt his balls tighten and he politely asked where he should finish. I thought, how nice, I gently put my palm on his pretty ripped abs to let him know I was fine. He pulsated several times and emptied everything he had as I held my lips and mouth on the head of his cock. One last suck and I told him to get dressed.

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    Great read.

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    I enjoyed the continued adventures of PI Danielle. Nice mixture of good story line and some juicy turn on scenes.