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The Descent of David into the life of a sissy at the hands of women continues in Book 2 and we learn more about his wife.

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    I'm using her pearly pink nail polish. Mandy's on the vanity and I*'m naked. She helped strip me on the pretense of having sex, then changed her mind. On my knees I can see right up the over-sized tee-shirt she wears, the way her tight panites outline her vulva. She knows I'm looking and strums my sex with her other foot.

    She's really getting over on this. It's the only thing I can do to placate her, especially after she learned I was doing Guinevere's toenails.

    She was full of questions: Is Guinevere Stone a good lover, or does she just like to have her toes attended? Exactly how did I come about doing such an intimate task for the lady? Do I have a foot fetish? What other intimate tasks do I do for the woman? What have I been holding back from her? I should've told her long ago about my foot fetish. She think's it is sexy. I evade her questions, ply her with wine, get a little snockered myself n the bargain, the wine going to my head sile a cold tablet. I'm sure it's all this pressure I've been under lately.

    Anyway, I'm finally done painting her toenails. Mandy smiles a me, holds first one foot then the other in my face, wants me to give 'em a little kiss. I do and she remarks I really must like what i'm doing since I have a raging hard-on.