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Pasquale, or as he is more often called, Patsy, is a very feminine high school boy who has had enough of being bullied. He finally decides to put his foot down. He does some working out (which doesn't ruin his feminine build luckily) and begins confronting his tormentors on the very first day of 12th grade. This is the story of his blossoming into a lovely young woman and perhaps even acquiring a boyfriend. Patsy's story of self discovery isn't the only one told here.

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    "Damn it all, I have the right to be me. I don't care what anyone else thinks." she grasped her narrow waist, ran her hands over her hips, "Lots of real girls wish they can look as good as I do right this second and I don't even have makeup on or a girdle or a padded bra or anything." Her smile became more confident as she turned to admire her small but shapely tush, so perky under he tight shorts. A frown. "Oh God! Suppose he doesn't like me this way! Suppose he thinks I'm just an arrogant queer. Hell, I just told him off. Please make him call me."