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Two stories in a rare genre for Mags Inc, from the creative author and artist, Patricia Michelle. Not only do wives forcibly feminize their  husbands, but going even further, make them live as pets. In “Pinkie a wife realizes she can replace her now deceased pet dog by forcibly transforming her husband into a human feminized version of it. In “My Pony Maid” a feminized and maid trained husband undergoes a further transformation into a pony girl. 18 Full Color Illustrations!

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    Which was really put to a test when she produced Pinkie’s large, wide pink collar and snapped her leash on it.

    “I got this at Bark & Meow, and look I even saved Pinkie’s dog tag,” She said, and before I could say anything she had it on me and buckled.

    “Now here’s what’s interesting. When I picked it out the woman said, ‘Are you sure this is for a dog, it’s one of our biggest collars.”

    “I don’t know what you mean,” I said.

    “Well, it’s just that a lot of couples indulge in what’s called Pet Play. Where one pretends to be the other’s pet doggie, kittie or other. You’d be surprised at how popular it is,” She said. So I admitted we were doing a bit of role playing and she suggested I look up a website called Which she said might give me a lot of good ideas about how others do pet play,”

    I don’t know why but I didn’t really want her getting any ideas about how others role played. I was already sort of regretting volunteering being her pretend Pinkie as she clipped Pinkie’s leash to me and led outside.