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Another special book from Patricia Michelle, Dominant Women & Their Sissies is a collection of four stories on the topic as only Ms Michelle can craft them. They are Turned into a Maid by His Wife, Maid for Revenge, Anniversary NIghtmare, and Addicted to Heels. These kinky stories are accompanied by 15 full color kinky images. You are going to like this very special collection.

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    "I really don't like my sister, or her husband, and I just couldn't bear being away from you for so long, Isn't there some way I could stay?" He begged.

    "That's option two. Again I would say that we've separated. then a few weeks after you pretend to have left, one of your nieces comes to live with me..."

    "You mean you want me to pretend to be a niece? but I could never pass as a girl if that's what you mean," he protested.

    "Unfortunately Glen, if the doctor's right, there's at least two areas that you'll be able to pass all too well as a girl. However I think the problem's not going to be so much how you look as much as it will be how you act lie a young niece, so you'll be a dead give away," I pointed out.

    "Then that's not an option either, is it?" He said in relief.

    "I'm not so completely sure. There's a woman I think I want us to meet, she could be helpful. You see she's an image consultant and a former model. You remember she helped me pick out a new wardrobe when I got that promotion to vice-president...?"

    "I don't want anyone else to know of my, ah, situation," He flatly stated.

    Fine, however unless you can come up with another solution, you'll have to make arrangements with your sister, or someone else, to stay with. Staying here is simply not an option," I declared.