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It started as a kind of a dare for Brendan to try on a dress. Next there was a protest at school which led a number of boys to dress in skirts, but when his mom convinced him to go to the last day of school in full female dress, makeup and shoes, it was the beginning of something much bigger. Eventually his Dad even catches the bug.

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    "It is just for tomorrow, last day of class because...."

    "I know that you have been wearing girls' clothes to school along with some of the other boys, in order to change the dress code. I was all for it."

    She continued, "I saw you coming down the street just now and I was wondering who that strange girl was. When I saw you enter your house without knocking it suddenly dawned on me that it might be you. You really do make a pretty girl with your hair in that lovely style."

    I explained, I was dressed in order to get used to my clothes and my new high heels. Strangely enough, I felt no embarrassment at all in talking to her while dressed as a girl. In fact, I was enjoying this new experience.

    "Well I like seeing you dressed this way, Brenda dear," she giggled. "Maybe you will do it more often and come and visit with me while dressed. You make a lovely young lady."