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In part 2, Dad and son explore the sensations and emotions of being a girl even further on their road to.... where?

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    One day, all dressed and walking into work, I experienced a very stronger than usual "Ooooh" moment. NO, not what you are thinking! It was that lovely feeling of everything being proper and together. A special moment where I was very proud of myself without any real reason to be excited.

    For me, it was just another day as a salesgirl in a conservative work dress but it made me feel feminine and girly. Last summer I was in t-shirts, jeans and tennis shoes. This year, a lightweight, silky dress that flowed over my body like rainwater, highlighting all my curves. My nails were manicured to match the dress as were my strappy sandals.

    I had curled the ends of my hair and pinned up the sides with sparkling clips, allowing the rest to flow down over my shoulders.

    As I walked into the store, my uncle stepped out of the elevator and caught sight of me. "Wow! You look fabulous," he said. : Are you having a good time?"