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New World Library cover

It was Jonathon's 18th birthday. It was a time when a boy became a man and took his place in the world doing manly things. But that wasn't going to happen to poor Jonathon. Continued below...

  • Forced feminization
  • Female Domination
  • Sissy Training
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    His stepmother had other ideas for him. He was not even going to be a male anymore! She had decided he was going to become a sweet little 6 year-old girl! His world was going to be filled with frilly dresses, satin panties and playing with dolls. He would talk with a lisp and be there perfect caricature of sissy femininity!

    The special clinic his mother takes him to ensure that his humiliation is only complete when she has achieved her wishes and transformed him to a pretty living doll for the amusement of her and his two step sisters!