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An early offering from the popular author who would later be known as Mardee Louise Prynne.
This is an anthology of 4 great stories regarding 4 young men who have ventured into the “wild times” of mid 20th century New York City, where through happenstance, they encounter completely different lifestyles and people than they ever had experienced. There is some transformation but also plenty of eroticism in these tales.

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    I was more and more intrigued by Chrissie. It had been weeks since I conceived or referred to Chrissie as he or him. Chrissie was now she, her... the ideal girl, the ideal lover... with something extra that no GG could offer.

    Chrissie wore panties at all times. It seemed natural and right on her. She also had a foil complement of lingerie and foundations along with skirts, blouses and dresses. Chrissie's "mum" was very much aware of all this and had shopped for and with her fascinating elf like child.

    Chrissie's mother was originally from rural Wales and was an expert in herbs and natural healing. Today we would think of her as an holistic healer. She was into "the old ways" although I don't know if she was a Wiccan but certainly something close.

    She had developed a theory that the ideal human being would combine many aspects of both male and female.

    Chrissie was the personification and proof of her success with this ideal. Chrissie was often introduced at workshops as a girl. Hence the wardrobe.

    The attention lavished on my new love astounded me. The name "Christian" was chosen to divert suspicion from the practice of the "old religions." Chrissie was schooled in modem dance to provide grace and control. To prevent harassment from bullies, she had earned a black belt in judo before her sixteenth birthday. Quite a young lady!