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New World library cover

Every Friday night they used to have a little game - he would come home from work, relax in a nice bath, shave all over and then put on his finest lingerie and his extremely pretty and feminine maid's uniform.

He would spend the whole evening being her French maid - it was just a game after all - just a way of relaxing after a hard week at work. 

But she got bored with the game and decided she wanted a real man and so one Friday night...

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  • Forced Transformation
  • Female Domination
  • Adult Sexual Situations
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    When he was all dressed up and servile, she told him of her plans for the night - with Tom, her real man.

    Not content with cuckolding her husband, she decides that he should feel the same womanly and feminine feelings that she does that come from a real man. Very soon he is being taken into areas he could never have imagined in his wildest nightmares.

    Sadly there was no return for him. He would not longer be just a Friday Night Maid!