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You may or may not have realized by now but our author Max Swyft wrote some of the best female domination/forced transformation that we sell. He deeply understood the psychology of forced transformation by a dominant woman and how the prospective sissy is inexorably drawn into the situation, rebelling while unable to resist. Come join the fun and watch out as all the characters may not be as they seem!

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    She put an arched foot in his face and he knew what to do, had done it before. He kissed her toes, thrilled by the stale attar. His lips trembled as he nibbled at her little toe, ran his tongue over the small red nail. He looked up at her under his eyebrows, saw her nod, that smile of satisfaction which pleased her so. She pressed at his lips and he took her little toe in his mouth, sucked.

    "Yes, you have such a talented mouth, Winnie. Suck hard, show me how much you've missed our little intimacies."

    He lowered his eyes, took another toe in his adoring mouth. He felt her press and swallowed more of her pedes, heard the flicker of her lighter, the smell of the cigar intruding on the worn personal scent of her feet.

    He looked up, saw the sensual smile on her face, her dark eyes all aglow. She put a hand between her legs, pressed her fingers there, looked at him and nodded. He worked his way to her big toe, took it inside him mouth, licked and sucked.