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Winthrop is unable to resist Golden's plans for him as he slips deeper and deeper into his sissy existence.

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    Winthrop stood naked in front of the full length mirror inside his walk in closet. He examined his chest. noted the darker. seemingly larger aureola and elongated nipples. There was no doubt about it, his pectorals underneath were swollen, small conical mounds which made his nipples jut. If he didn't know any better he'd think he was growing breasts.

    Maybe he did know better, just didn't want to admit it.

    Several weeks had passed since he'd slept in Golden's bed. He didn't want to think about that now, what happened in the morning. It was too embarrassing, yet Golden took it for granted, the way she dressed him, the two of them taking breakfast downstairs, Emily milling about, setting out his vitamins - more of them now - three more to be exact.

    Actually, she didn't dress him, but handed him a long flowing cotton robe and belt. It had ruffles at the hem, She handed him a pair of slippers. gold-lamé with flat soles. He looked at her and she explained the slippers belonged to Andrew, her chauffeur, then before he asked she shushed him with a finger over his lips.