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Bobby Dunn had already lost his father when his mom passes on the eve of his high school graduation. Now forced to take care of himself, he obtains a position on a cleaning crew at an all women's college. The work is easy and the staff pleasant, but they keep asking him to impersonate a woman, first as a soccer goalie and then as a maid at fancy reception. And what about those prescriptions and shots that they keep feeding him? Where is this all leading? Will Bobby Dunn eventually be GONE, replaced by a mere sissy?

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    "I'm Wanda Green the soccer coach and I need a small favor from you."

    I couldn't imagine what the soccer coach would want with me, particularly in view of the fact that I was probationary member of the cleaning staff.

    "What is it?" I inquired.

    "I was informed that you played soccer in high school, right?"

    "Yes," I answered.

    "Well two of our goalies are down with a bug. the third is a rookie that I do not have a lot of confidence in. Would you be willing to take the place of one of the girls" We will disguise you. No one will know that you are really a guy."

    I thought about this for a minute reminding myself that as a probationary employee I should be a bit careful about saying no to anything.

    "Well I guess I could. How do you want to do this?" I asked.

    "Meet me Saturday at noon in the dressing rooms at the soccer field. Wear your athletic support under your clothes and I will be you outfitted.