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Phillip West is a young boy wrestling with his confused feelings about his place in the world of men and women. He feels drawn to feminine things, but not drawn to sex with men. It is not until he reaches his majority that he can actually get professional help, however. Follow along as he comes to explore his feelings with the help of a therapist who is all to willing to feminize him and train him as a maid.

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    My next appointment with Dr. Santiago was the day before I was going to start work at the printing company. At her request I just wore my athletic support, sweats, and sneakers.

    "It's good to see you again, Phillip," she began as I sat down.

    "Have there been any changes since we talked last?"

    "Yes, I quit my job at the hardware store and will start working as a temp for a printing company tomorrow night. It involves mostly machine operation which shouldn't be too physically demanding and the pay is much better."

    "Good. I am happy for you. Now then let's continue. Do you have dreams about being crossdressed or perhaps living and working in a crossdressed environment?"

    "Yes but very rarely. The dreams are wonderful. I hated it when I woke up."

    "I understand. Since you haven't as yet crossdressed or used makeup would you like to try it in private to see how you look and feel?"

    "Yes very much so but I wouldn't want to do it at home by myself. I would be afraid my landlord might pop in or I might not get all or the makeup off and someone might notice it."

    "Your fears are quite normal Phillip. I meant if I could provide you with that save environment would you then want to do it?"

    "Yes I would."