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Jack Rand was beyond his last dime and desperate to find work. When he showed up for an interview for a position as a secretary with a famous writer and saw his glamorous competition, he just knew he didn’t have a chance. And yet, he got the job! But why? Why him? This famous author and her companion seem to have strange plans for the young, slight and almost feminine man!

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    "You work for me now. There may be visitors come by and I'll want you neatly dressed at all times. Most certainly I don't want to ever see you in these pajamas and that robe you wore earlier on. And? if you have any scruffy outerwear of the same type, I don't want to see that either. Understood?"

    He licked his lips nervously. "But Ms. Evans? My clothes weren't that good quality even when I bought them new. They're kinda used looking now"

    "Jack? There's TONS of clothes available to you. Just look in your closets."

    Aghast, he stared at this commanding woman. "But these are women's clothes Ms. Evans."

    "Oh for Christ's sake Jack! What are you babbling about? You are here, doing a feminine job, and wearing women's nightwear at this very moment. Wore women's outerwear flying up here. What's the matter? Frightened that we'll think you're a sissy if you start wear­ing women's pants or shirt blouses?"

    "But I'll look all funny" he protested. "I'm a man, for goodness sake! Please don't ask me to put on stuff like that...."

    She shook her head. "Jack? I think you're making a big issue out of nothing ..."

    "But I can't...." he interrupted.

    "Oh Jack!" Annie spoke up impatiently. "Why don't you just stop arguing! You'll have to learn to do as you're told!"

    "But I wasn't expecting this development! Aren't you telling me to wear women's clothes? He directed his question to Elaine.

    She sighed theatrically. "Jack? You're basically working for Annie. From now on? I'd suggest that you address questions like that to her." she replied casually.

    "But I thought...?"


    "That I was hired to be your secretary."