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Here's one of Max's best from our archives. It chronicles the sexy story of Jerry as he is taught, by his female boss, that his is truly a sissy, only deserving to live as a woman who is in service to all.

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    "I was like you at first," Said Ashley, looking at the feminized male with large intense blue eyes. "Yanamari knew my mother before she passed and -"

    "I don't want to know Ashley. I'm doing this as a surprise for Chanel. This is one last time. Don't you understand?"

    "I understand more than you know sweet Jerry," she said sympathetically. "Chanel and Yanamari are a breed apart from most women. They belong to a radical feminist organization. It's called the Cytherea Coterie. They want to make men over in their own mage. At least some of them, the ones who pass, look convincing."

    "Yes. but I'm not like you, Ashley," siad Jerry, dropping his eyes.

    "Jerry, you're in denial. Look at you. You pass," said Ashley, squeezing his hand. "You're sitting here dressed. And what's more you have your knees primly together... just like a woman."

    "No, please don't say that."

    "But it's true." Ashley pulled her hands away, turned her back to him.

    "What's the matter? Are you crying Ashley? Please don't."