Mags Inc
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When Mr. Ray Capp, a consigliore to a high ranking American mob boss calls on Dr. Samantha Tween, a British psychiatrist and expert in gender domination, his goal is to find out if she can dominate men enough to extract a password that he would like to use to advance his career. But more than just a psychiatrist, she is an expert professional domme specializing in forced feminization and who has many “new girls” working for her and learning this skill. Perhaps he has bitten off much more than he can swallow.

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    As I made my way back to the trolley, she spoke. "What did you think of Josephine?"

    I turned back and looked at her. "The maid? Can't say I really noticed her." I said. Was I supposed to?"

    Samantha smiled. Opened her eyes wide. Asked innocently. "You just used the term 'her'. Are you sure?"

    I couldn't help myself. Gaped at her. "You saying - you saying? She's a GUY!"

    "Not really. Not anymore. She used to be a male. But was stupid with it. Went out of his way to alienate her wife. After my ladies were finished with him, his wife forced him to sign over all of his money - then threw him out of her bed - then the house. I took him on as a maid - just as a kindness you understand? She's a docile little thing now. But happy in her work, I should imagine. His wife is starting to make noises that she wants him back - good maids are so HARD to find these days." She laughed. "But that wasn't part of our contract, and right now I don't have the time to be breaking in a new sissy male."

    I swallowed nervously. Hearing what I thought was a woman bragging was one thing. Seeing the results of her handiwork was something else though. But then I thought "Suppose? Just suppose that Josephine has been a woman all her life? Suppose that Samantha here is just working a con on you? Could be." With that, I straightened up and got back to the business at hand.