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Karen's mother is a professional dominatrix. It is a few years before Karen notices that most households don't have docile men doing all the chores almost as if they are maids, but her mother eventually sits her down to tell her the facts of her life. And then there's her friend Donald who is rich and somewhat retiring. Karen has liked him for a long time but maybe not quite as a husband. He becomes her first foray into the life as dominatrix.

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    "You know Donna?" I said one time, caressing his manhood through his panties. "I'm starting to get concerned about you."


    "Yes I think you're getting... well... kinda... well... sissyish?"

    "Aw, c'mon Karen." he said, bright red.

    "Well Donna? You have to admit it - you do a lot of kinda girlish things - I mean you're always doing girl things with mom and Wendy - and you do wear panties. Can you blame me for being worried? Suppose you can't..." I tried to blush... "act the man's part on our wedding night?"

    A horrified look crossed his face, then was quickly replace with a sort of weak hopeful look. "Maybe we could... you know... sorta... try? See how I do?"

    I slapped his face hard! "What do you take me for, huh?" Some sort of floozy?" I snapped. "I thought you were a gentleman, Donna!"