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The final part of this dark and gripping story by Max Swift. This part is the sexiest one yet and we are unable to post it here on the web for fear of censorship.

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    The criminalist stands passively beside the compartment. Steinberg watches her face as he uncovers the body from the neck up. Seeing the ghostly pale face register's on the tall olive-skinned woman. Her dark eyes crinkle and her lip quivers. The other woman, taller and skinny, turns away, them moves to the olive-skinned one, hugs her, whispers something in her ear.

    Steinberg glances at Donatello, who is watching from the other side of the roll-out refrigerated compartment.

    She says nothing, just stares at the face and nods. Her eyes glaze over and tears begin to run down high cheekbones. She firms her quivering lip, turns her face into the shoulder of the tall skinny woman who has sharp features, a hard face.

    "We have a few questions, Ms. Cristobal," Bert says gently.