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Layton's long, slow descent into the life of a sissy continues as he even is forced to service one of his tormentor's male employees.

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    I long to see my sister, but I'm afraid after discovering the new me she will be disappointed. Better for Lynette to picture the old Layton as long as possible.

    Yes the new me. Alone in my room I stand in front of the full length mirror wearing only panties, notice faint tell tale tan lines where I've worn a string bikini top. Under my panties I have a tan line too. the small bulge in the panel betrays my reality. I've found it very difficult to remain tucked. That only seems to work when my Willy is pushed back between my legs, held in place by a strip of tight spandex or other accouterment.

    However my chest is another matter. Another matter indeed. The topical creams I've been using have not only sensitized my nipples but they appear darker, thicker, a wee bit longer, the areola fuller and bumpier. My new womanly nipples are supported by growing cones of milky flesh and nicely fit an A cup. Wearing a restrictive bra, as I don now, give me a sense of deeper cleavage.

    My hips are too straight, too boyish, however, there is a sense of fleshiness about them. My butt looks rounder, as I pirouette and look over my shoulder. Nice and plump, round and firm. Save the hips, my backside looks good in a tight or clinging skirt.