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Four stories of mistaken identity, female domination and fun!

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    Four short stories by some of our best writers…

    Domme Primer by Stella Satin – classes in how to dominate your husband!

    Audition for a Knight by Bea – In medieval times, a young knight, desperate for shelter comes across a castle in habited only by women. He is allowed to enter, but he must prove himself as worthy to be their lord by winning a contest of strength and skill against the woman who leads them. If he doesn’t? He must join her handmaidens.

    Bikinied in Barcelona by Mark Speck – The 11 year old Mark is staying with his Aunt in Barcelona Spain while his parents are off on a trip. Now the best thing to do there, especially on a hot day, is to go to the beach, only Mark doesn’t have any swim trunks. When he agrees to wear his cousin’s bikini bottoms it starts a day of mistaken identities.

    Things Change by Diane Morrill – Nathan is in a strange city alone on a weekend where he is going to make a few sales calls. But with nothing to do for now he roams the halls of his hotel, looking for excitement and possibly sex. He stumbles across a room where dominatrixes are preparing for a convention of like-minded women. Soon he is trapped by one of them who likes her male slaves feminized.