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Continuing the Global Maid series that began with Maid in Oaxaca and Maid in Oaxaca 2...

They were lying in bed together wearing only their bras and panties, kissing and caressing each other. Their time was limited and they both knew this would be the last time they were going to be intimate so there was tension in the air.

It was then that Cristina looked at her wrist watch, it was getting close to 7.00 PM and she had just remembered that her curfew time was 8.00 PM; she had to run. They kissed one last time got up put their clothes back on and joined Arlene in the main house for the good-byes.

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    Pat saw her and smiled teasingly, “You can put afresh apron on if that makes you feel more comfortable,you might as well get used to it since as of tomorrowyou will be permanently aproned in this house.My mother is determined to turn you to a full-time maid and I know you are looking forward to itnaughty girl.”

    Cristina didn’t answer to the teasing comment of Pat but simply said, “I’m going to my room to get one of my aprons and I’ll come to your room to help your packing Madam.”

    “Do that sweety,” Pat said still in a teasing mode and turned back to go to her room.

    Cristina came back in a few minutes wearing one of her large gingham aprons bought in Mexico City; she loved those full functional aprons with ruffles in the bib and straps, so feminine looking.

    “Here she is, my Oaxaca maid is back,” Pat said lovingly and rushed to hug Cristina and then gave her one of her passionate kisses, “I’m going to miss my wife and maid,” she whispered in Cristina’s ear, “I >want you to sleep with me tonight, so as soon as we finish packing go and get you nightie and tooth brush and come back here. Tonight, we share the same bed.”