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Patricia Martina Torres is a pretty and highly educated woman living in New York, whose Mexican family hails from Juchitan, home of the Zapotec people. In their culture, males who show female characteristics or are needed by their families to assume a female role, are encouraged to do so for life. When she meets Chris, who is working as a translater at the UN, sparks begin to fly between them. Little did they know just how much his secret enjoyment of cleaning in a maid’s uniform and her desire

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    "You should probably glue your breast forms to your chest so you wouldn't have to keep your bra on when you are in bed with me. I would love to play with your boobs when in bed together, though false, they feel very real to me." Pat murmured.

    It was our first night together in the new apartment and she was in a chatty mood and was whispering to me as we were lying in bed in the master bedroom after our intense love playing.

    I was more than pleased and excited as she kept talking to me. She was pushing me steadily in order to establish and promote my female persona and that kept me on a sexual edge all the time.

    "I would love to have my breast forms glued on my chest, but that means that Crissie is becoming a more permanent feature in our lives. Am I accepted by you as my spouse and employer?" I answered hesitantly fishing for a 'yes of course'.