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New World library cover

It wasn't his fault that he got into financial difficulties at college. It wasn't his fault that because of the  money worries he had caused he and his mother to move in with his grandmother and his mother's sisters.

But it was his fault when he started stealing from the maids. It was his fault that no matter what they said or did he could not act like a civilized human being.

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  • Forced Transformation
  • Sissy Maid Training
  • Female Domination
  • Adult Sexual Situations
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    And so the ladies took matters into their own hands. If he couldn't act like a man, he would have to act as the only role model they could provide - he would have to act like and look like a woman!

    But he still had to earn a living and so the ladies give him a job as one of the maids. The lowest maid of all - he would be the maid's maid - doing their washing and keeping their rooms clean.

    But there was more to come. Soon he would be a female permanently!