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Through her work Lydia Templin discovers a powerful drug that allows her complete control over a subject's mind as well as body. Not only does her philandering husband end up as her niece, but she transforms her son into the daughter that she always wanted.

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    "Your reality is that as of this moment, you will no longer be able to become hard, unless I command it. Your prized manhood will begin to withdraw into your body. Your entire male reproduction system will transform into a complete female reproductive system. In fact your entire body will genetically transform into a female. You will look like a wide eyed innocent yet provocative girl. You will be a sixteen-year-old version of Hillary Duff from her latter Lizzie Maguire years with straight blonde hair to your shoulders and your name will be Alicia. However, your mind will not change. You will still be Mr. Macho Allen with a man's thoughts,feelings and desires. I want you to experience sex as a girl with a man.