Mags Inc
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Mags Inc Novelette Cover

Mike Simmonds, otherwise a pretty normal guy, loves to clean his house wearing a maids dress and outfit. However when he invites his girlfriend over to witness this unusual activity, she not only approves but starts a chain of events that leads him into a new life as a transgender professional cleaner, named Mika. Six Illustrations!

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    I looked at my reflection in the glass door. I was dressed modestly, denim skirt down to my knees, plain blouse, thick tights, and low heel workable shoes. My hair was kept behind in a high ponytail and my makeup was very discreet.

    My only accessory was my tiny gold studs on my pierced ears; that was a recent present from Miss Linda who handed me in an envelope my reference letter addressed to Miss Jennifer Blackman and inspected me this morning before my departure. In a largish shoulder bag, I was carrying my work clothes, a plain uniform dress and matching apron.