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New World library cover

Ronnie was never 'Mr. Macho'. He lived his life quietly, content with his lot. Then he met Angela.

She turned his life upside down and soon they were engaged to be married. She was very determined that there would be no sex until they were married and had her own unique way of keeping him on ice. All was well until the day they met Christine Strong.

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  • Forced Transformation
  • Female Domination
  • Adult Sexual Situations
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    She was a lady who was very successful in life. She ran a very successful business and she had very definite unconventional ideas about men and their position in the world.

    Soon her influence on Angela had Roni (his new name given to him by Mrs. Strong) becoming more and more submissive to both of these women and very soon he found that Christine Strong's ideas of a man's place in the world became his darling Angela's as well.

    And very soon he would find himself as just a feminine submissive ready to serve the women in his life in any way they dictated!!