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Brian Young needs money for living expenses while in college so he placed an ad in te paper saying he would do anything for $1500! When he's contacted by a radical feminine liberation group, he is shocked to find out that they want him to compete for homecoming queen. Sounds pretty simple right? It never is... From the Mags Inc archives!

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    Oh the drive out to the mall I found myself looking at every girl we passed. but unlike the way I normally looked at girls, this time it was different. Instead of just admiring the pretty ones, I found myself studying them, checking out how their outfits worked together with their hair and make-up. Trying to imagine how they would look on me.

    I was amazed at how fast my mindset had changed. In just eighteen hours, I had gone from being shocked at the thought of wearing women's clothes, to being eager to try different looks. To say I was somewhat confused would be a major understatement.