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EBook version of this story. Keith is a rowdy 10 year old boy who teases his twin sister at every opportunity. His sister, Kimberly, is hardly better behaved. Their mom finds a girl's deportment and behavior class for her daughter, but what to do about her son? What to do?

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    "Oh mommy," Kimberly gushed with true excitement. "Look at us! We're just the same. Keith looks just like me. He looks like a real girl!"

    Keith just hung his pretty head without making a comment. All the fears and humiliation he'd suffered the past Saturday during his initial stint in a dress came back with full force. All fight to resist his sissification melted.

    Mrs. Carson noted that his more subdued mannerly self had returned  almost the instant he had been put back into a dress. Ideas to possibly explore the full impact petticoating might have upon a rowdy boy swam in her head.