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Nathan Dunlap, a young man without any serious direction in his life, encounters two life changing events. Firstly, short of cash, he applies and secures a spot in a trial for a new hair removal product, which will pay him enough to get by for a while. The people involved with the trial seem to have an agenda beyond just hair removal, one that leads to a total change in his appearance. Secondly he surreptitiously sees a man hide a backpack. His natural curiosity leads him to retrieve and investigate this object which contains $18,000 of stolen money. Now faced with the danger of being found with this stolen money and an increasing pressure to appear more feminine, his life takes a redirected path.

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    The night before my final appointment at the salon I had the strangest dream.

    A stout woman was standing over me with a very stern look on her face.

    “I am now your guardian. Your parents are dead and I am now in charge of your up bringing. I will prepare you for school that starts Monday,”

    This woman took me to a beauty parlor where my finger and toenails were painted pink, my ears were pierced and little gold hearts were installed in the lobes.

    Back home the next morning she dressed me in pink ruffled brief style panties, a pink training bra with a ping pong ball in each cup. Pink knee high stockings, a pink ruffled blouse, bright pink velvet pants with elastic cuffs at the knee, no pockets and a side zipper. A bright pink vest and a pair of black shoes with flat heels and a pink bow on the instep strap she called “Mary Janes” rounded out my ensemble.

    After applying a thick layer of creamy pink lipstick to my mouth she brushed my cheeks with pink blusher. She put the makeup items along with a dainty pink handkerchief in a pink purse with a pink strap and slipped it over my shoulder.

    “Now you are ready to begin the school for sissies,” she said.

    I woke up with a start. My pulse was very rapid. The dream had been very realistic. I swear I could feel the cool softness of the tricot panties against my hair free soft girly skin.