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Two Complete Stories! In Reluctant Sissy, small men are disappearing in town and, oddly enough, athletic looking women are showing up. In this environment we meet a man, with a plan, an illegal one, who needs to hide out from the law, and who might end up getting just what he deserves. In Compulsion a man is suddenly swept into a most sissified position in life.

(This author is actually Bea writing under an alias, link to other Bea stories below)

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    I realized she knew far more about my dealings than anyone and anyway? I didn't mind boasting a little about the scams I'd pulled and what I'd done with the money. Didn't tell her how much, naturally. I finished up by telling her what I'd heard on the radio. How I was stuck until the banks opened on Monday. She nodded. "Makes sense now. but there's an easy way to get to your bank without them catching you."

    "Wow! You sure are smart Emily!" I fawned. "What do you have in mind?"

    "It's going to cost you ten thousand dollars sweetie," she said grinning...

    "What's this plan of yours?"

    "Easy. You seem to have missed one very important thing about the kidnappings."

    "What's that?"

    "It's only men they kidnap. Never women."

    "So? what are you getting at?"

    She smiled with just a hint of malice showing in her eyes. "You and me sweetie? We're about the same size. With tonight, tomorrow and Sunday to work on you? I'll make you into a girl - just the cutest little girl! In my clothes, who'll know you?"