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Max is back at last with a brand new story. He's one of our best selling authors on female domination, forced feminization, and sissy training. This is a long slow and sexy story of transformation. Rich's wife despises his smoking and makes him try hypnosis to stop. When that doesn't work she has the hypnotist try another angle, complete obedience to her. It's a slippery and sexy slope from there.

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    The bolero jacket was definitely styled for a woman but it did compliment my outfit.

    She sprayed me with a burst of her perfume, told me I looked lovely.

    She held out two pairs of shoes, the flats or the smaller heels, my choice. I chose the flats and she grinned, said with either pair I'd look nice.

    When I looked in the vanity mirror I was surprised at how well the makeup worked, how girly I looked.

    The last touch was soft pink lipstick which she over-painted, making my lips look fuller than they were, the added a transparent lip gloss.