Mags Inc
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Mags Inc Novelette cover

When we begin part 2, we are introduced to a much less masculine Robbie. What does Shana have in store for him as they progress in learning about their true selves?

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    Shana leans closer, face at his hair. He feels her breath on his ear. "We'll talk about this later. Tell me more about the two boys who flirted with you in the park today." She rubs the slick dildo along his hardness.

    "It was nothing."

    "Were you flattered?" Shana works his cock slowly, waits but he says nothing. She squeezes his cock, prods his balls with the blunt tip of her dildo. "Tell me."

    "I was scared."

    "Why?" She resumes masturbating him.

    "The way they were looking at me. Afraid I might be clocked."

    "But they didn't clock you. You passed right by them. You must've seen the desire in their eyes," she says, guessing.

    Robbie nods.

    "Then you were flattered?"

    "Yes. It felt different. It's hard to explain."

    "Did they look at you the way Fenton from the agency looked at you?"

    "Yes, that too."

    "Huh. You said they said something about you being flat-chested