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Amanda comes from a once wealthy Southern family and in order to keep the family finances going in the future, her mother teaches her the art of domination and sissy training.
And then she finds Rayburn!

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    Lazily, I wondered, I liked girls, but needed a boy for marrying purposes. Would it be possible to make a boy into something more acceptable to me? Gentler? More feminine? Would it be possible to have him docile and well  behaved, ALL the time, the way that all were before being handled?

    I thought of how Rayburn had to be milked twice. Certainly didn't want to get into the habit of multiple handlings. When I'd given him the apron, he'd protested - but weakly, as if he couldn't resist me. After he'd been tied into it, he was docile until the end of the evening. Slowly I turned the idea over in my mind. Let's face it, Rayburn was no catch as a male - kinda small and scrawny. How would he b e as a girl?