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Here's a book from our Origin Stories. It's by possibly the most famous authors of the sissy genre.

Three stories... Taken to the Cleaners - David becomes Sissy Priscilla when he tries to force his world view on the wrong woman.. All in the Cards - Miles forces himself into an all girl's strip poker have and loses much more than just his clothes. Lunch with Mother - a subservient husband tells his mother that his wife wants him to become her little woman and Mom wants all the details!

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    "Know what else he does girls?" She laughed. "He wears his hair long. Like a girl. Uses the excuse that he doesn't want a woman telling you when to cut it. Can you believe it? Lets himself get involved in little physical competitions with his wife's lover so he could demonstrate how weak he is - weaker than her. He let a woman, me, threaten him with punishment if he didn't obey her - then made sure he didn't obey. Took his punishment like a man," she laughed. "Some man! A sissy! Just what we thought al along."

    She was talking to me again. "So you're in a skirt and women's undies. High heels. Want to complain?"

    I blushed.