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This is the biography of a transgender person starting at a young age and progressing into adulthood as she evolves into the lovely and alluring woman that she needs to be.

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    I got off the train at Union Square and headed for Washington Square Park where I relaxed on a bench, pushed my hair behind my ears and clipped it in place with barrettes. My hair wasn't yet long enough to need this but it did add to the convincing "girl" impression that I was so easily creating. Then it was on to Eighth Street and the shops. A straw hat with a wide brim caught my eye. The brim was wide but not so wide that it couldn't be worn by a boy my age. I wore it out of the store.

    The next purchase was a gossamer print scarf that I wrapped around the crown of my new hat to add a definitely feminine flair. I managed to turn heads as I strolled along. The looks I got were looks of approval from men. Some women eyed me with a look of approval too, but many others looked at me with envy!

    The last purchase was a pair of copper and enamel clip on earrings. I wanted to wear them then and there but I was afraid I might forget to take them off when I returned home.

    This was a very special day for me so I stopped in a photo booth and took four pictures of myself. After all, the was my first day as a girl; maybe not quite a girl, but sure as hell something other than a boy.