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85 Feminine Charms eBook by Melissa Anne Rogan (RP85e)

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From Magic Moments...Peter immediately started to take off his clothes. He was now so under Garet's magical control that the possibility of objecting just did not enter his mind. He was wearing a brief and crop top set of the kind which was ll the...
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Two tales of magic .first tale of three people one of ps-ed teachers how taste of young problems 15 or 20 years younger than he, a girl that he seduce, and young boy the age is the age. They are indirectly connected to each other, but effect are real and powerful. The reasons are complex. The second one, is in medieval land of knight ,magic and conflict. A knight must enter a land of once good friend , because of duel, he is forbidden to enter , but situation are dire . He must enter the lands, but with date, karma or whatever, a little magic , he enters the lands disguise as a young maiden , save the lands and kingdom from a threat of war. Sound simple but magic gad is rules and laws, what to in transformed state not to do. Will he succeed as a girl or not.

Reviews 1-1 of 1