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Two New Woman Stories from Ms Rogan; in Magic Moments our hero, Peter, who teaches Phys Ed. likes to seduce his students. But then he seduces Sarah, who has a father of a powerful warlock and his world is turned upside down. The next story, Revenge Is..., takes place in the middle ages. A knight hopes to elude a wizard by disguising himself as a fair maid. This doesn't go well.

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    From Magic Moments...

    Peter immediately started to take off his clothes. He was now so under Garet's magical control that the possibility of objecting just did not enter his mind. He was wearing a brief and crop top set of the kind which was ll the rage amongst modern young misses. The material was a very soft cotton, pale pink with white polka dots. The briefs were high waisted paniteis. The crop top was like the top of a vest but only went down to just below his chest, leaving his midriff bare. The top of the panites and the bottom of the crop top had a two inch elasticated lace band to hold the respective garments securely and snugly in place. Arm, neck and leg hoes were decorated with matching lace. The overall effect was of ayoung girl's bra and pantie set thoug of chouse his chest was flat.

    "Well, well," laughed Garret. "We are growing up fast aren't we? We'll soon be a very attractive young lady. Quite appropriate really, This is Stephanie, my fourteen year old daughter. She is having a fancy dress party this evening and you will be her thirteen year old guest. As you are now much older, you can dress yourself."